Schools in the U.S. are using solar energy to cut down on expensive electricity bills. With funds freed up, schools can then improve the quality of education. As a report by Generation180 shows, over 7,300 schools use the solar power approach to save on utility bills.


Want a CPU stand next to your IKEA desk? Read on.

This isn’t a hack in the sense that it hacks traditional IKEA products – rather it finds new uses for traditional products.

This idea was born from our need to have more work space in our home office.

My husband and I both work from home, and he has a desktop computer. This used to mean it took up more desk space than we wanted it to, until this ingenious hack was born.

IKEA materials used:
Jonaxel shelf unit

JONAXEL shelf unit |

JONAXEL shelf unit as a CPU stand

It turns out that the thin JONAXEL is the perfect size for the computer’s processor. And the height of the small shelving unit plus casters is exactly the height of the IKEA MICKE desk (and I’m guessing most IKEA desks).

Jonaxel for CPU stand

So it even makes the desk a bit longer, as you can see in the picture. Instead of losing storage space, we gained some!

In the picture it may seem like the JONAXEL CPU stand is longer than the MICKE desk. It’s not, our computer drive is what’s longer, that’s all. 

jonaxel for CPU stand

Hope this hack helps others with a similar problem!

~ by Shazan

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CPU stand that looks made for IKEA desks

So this is my PC Stand that I built recently using cheap IKEA parts. I had built my first PC and needed a new rolling stand as it weighs about 25lbs. Plus I wanted something that would match my PC Case. I found that Ekby shelves were on sale in Black/Brown for 2.99 so that worked out well. It was also longer than the length of the PC case. See more of the rolling PC stand.

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watching from the sidelines

disclaimer; a long blog post that I started long ago. A result from over analysing social media, confusion, frustration and venting. enjoy! I don’t know about you but over the past year or two I’ve been finding the noise of social media all too much. It feels CONSTANT and somewhat repetitive, narcissistic, fake yet weirdly it holds a presence in our lives. I realise that I may have slammed the industry I work in but you must admit that the volume is at an all time high. It can be overwhelming, bad for our mental health, influence for bad and not good and silence voices that may not seem to be topical, trendy or beautiful. The question is, how and when do we realise that we need to change in our relationship with social media? Especially when you have developed a toxic codependency relationship with an app. Codependent because the app needs you as a customer (or you as ‘their product’) and you ‘need’ the app for business or simply interacting with friends. My business is mostly online and social media is a huge part of that so responsibility comes from whatever I put out. It’s also extremely easy for […]

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Why save your autumn decorations for the inside of the house? Your front door and entrance way are the first impression any guests get of your home. Give them a warm autumnal welcome with beautiful seasonal decorations, both on your porch and inside the hallway.

So how can you decorate your front porch for the autumn months? We’ve put together some fantastic ideas for decorating the outside of your house as well as your hallway.

Keep it minimalist

Nobody wants a cluttered home, and the same goes for the front of the house. Keep your autumnal design limited to a beautiful wreath on the front door using warm and earthy colours. Channel the harvest season by incorporating autumnal leaves, pine cones, berries, and other harvest features.

If you’re looking for a wreath to last you until Christmas, weave in some wintery shades to transcend the shift in season.

Mrs Roobottom - shay bookcase

Style with pumpkins

Not just for Halloween and jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins and gourds in different colours and shapes look great for the whole season. Why not choose varying colours and layer them on your outside steps, or place a couple by the door. You could also bring them indoors and assemble them around your hallway furniture, alongside autumn leaf decor and beautiful seasonal lighting.

Repaint the front door

If you’re short on space, or don’t want to shell out too much money on seasonal design changes, it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace autumnal decor this year. Repainting your front door, whether simply the inside, or the outside too, can help to bring real warmth to your home styling. Opt for earthy reds, yellows and oranges, or be bold with a bright pumpkin orange.

For more on how you can use autumn colours in your home, read our handy guide here.

Bring the outside in

Embrace the outdoors, and incorporate plants into your autumn styling. Rustic dried florals have been stealing the interior design show this year, whether used as part of a garland, or simply in a vase.

Why not also get creative with autumn leaves? String them into a garland or loop them through fairy lights for a warming touch.

Want to turn your own hand to drying flowers? Make the transition to autumn by being creative with your existing flowers and plants. Find out more here.

St Ives - Autumn

Add warmth with a runner

Whether your floor is carpeted or hardwood, add a runner to keep your home’s entrance warm underfoot for both you and your guests. Aim to match it to the length and shape of your hallway, and choose complementary colours. Grey tones are often a popular choice, both for style and practicality; you’ll want a colour to withstand muddy footprints!

Autumn lighting

As the days get shorter, lighting becomes an essential part of your styling process. Bring lamp lighting into your hallway for a warm and ambient welcome, but don’t forget about the outside. Wrap your home in gorgeous string bulb lighting, or guide your guests to your door with low pathway lighting for the perfect warm autumnal look.

Autumnal lighting

Prepare your home for autumn weather

It’s not all about getting the decor down to a tee, you also need to get your home ready for the muddier winter months. Get practical with doormats and welly racks, but remember you don’t need to lose out on style with function. Go for metal racks that stand the test of time and are easily cleaned, and choose a doormat that blends in seamlessly with your hallway decor.

You should now be feeling inspired to dress up your porch and hallway for autumn. We love seeing how our customers style their homes, so make sure to tag us in your beautiful autumnal decor using #OakFurniturelandStyle.

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NYC’s New Digital Subway Map

The new MTA Live Subway Map is a real-time digital map designed to help riders navigate New York City’s ever-evolving transportation network.

The Live Subway Map is a web-based application that works across a range of devices. It’s a pro bono collaboration between the MTA, the Transit Innovation Partnership , and design and technology company Work & Co.